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Been trying to figure out how to make money online?
No worries, I know what you’re going through. My name is Eddie Colbert Jr. I am an entrepreneur from Fort Washington, Maryland and I have been making a passive income online for over one year now as an internet and affiliate marketer. I have purchased and examined more than 250 software titles and have acquired great experience investing in myself from CPA to CPV to email marketing. I am available to advise and counsel you in your efforts to grow to maturity. I have also authored an Amazon kindle book with the title of: Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS): what it really is. I am an expert on this subject. Just click on the header above to get to the book on kindle. It will open your eyes and your heart to the addiction of Shiny Object Syndrome.

On this page, you will find a few nuggets for your examination. Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded headlines the cast of characters if you are interested in acquiring the latest upgrade to become a middle man between Craigslist, Elance, Odesk, Gumtree and the top qualified fiverr sellers. It reveals their rating, seller names, and seller level with country origin. The jobs listed include the date of, requirements of, and projected budgets of the latest available lists to make good money. It is the absolute diamond of the titles included.

Feel free to look around and check out my products and book. Learning how to make money online can be a very complex process. Hopefully, I can help you out and help you learn. Look forward to seeing you around! You can reach me at or 301-288-0036.

award-winningArbitrage Underdog Reloaded

Does Your Software Make You $1000 Weekly?

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Do you own any software that earns you $1000+ per week? Most likely, you don’t. see Disclaimer above

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Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED is the most advanced, and profitable arbitrage software
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It was awarded Product Of The Year in 2013, by WSO Pro, for “getting some of the best
results I’ve seen all year” (Mike Lantz), and “for being built on an extremely solid
business model”.

We are talking REAL, life changing results, proven time and again by regular people.

Become a middle man between Craigslist, Elance and Odesk and Fiverr Sellers,
making your money by the job you’re awarded. Find only the best of Fiverr on
any gig type you’re looking for.

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You don’t believe in ‘shortcuts’?

All of the successful entrepreneurs make use of shortcuts.
That opportunity exists for you today because of this shortcut you’ll
be able to get a franchise type business that automates 95% of the
tasks required to make money online. Yes, copy a millionaire’s
successful business. This system can work for everyone – the complete
non-technical to the advanced. These shortcuts are automated and
tested with people of all sorts of backgrounds and experience levels.
Many making upwards of $50,000 per month. Live video training for
every step. Using this system, you don’t need time and skills other
programs require. Everything is ‘done for you’:

+ 3 built-in Income Streams
+ Multiple Done for you Sales Funnels
+ Done for you Traffic
+ Done for you Email Follow Up
+ Done for you New Member Coaching
+ Real Time Campaign Stats
+ A new $10,000 Affiliate Contest

Finally we’ve created something that works.
And it’s ready for you to finally break free from the “home business
hamster wheel” and Be one of the FIRST movers on what’s been dubbed
the “McDonald’s of the Internet”

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No Cost Income

A way to generate income… at no cost!?

Finally there’s a way to generate income online WITHOUT
spending money on websites and advertising:
You’ve probably heard the phrase “it takes money to make money.”
In many cases that’s true, but it’s NOT always the case.

These guys have proven that it’s possible to create an online
income without having to spend ANY cash out of pocket.

This video explains it…

A way to generate income… at no cost!?

They’re going to be taking the video down soon,
so I recommend watching it today.

To your success

Reach 100,000 plus active social media users each day


#1 best-selling author teaches you how to make money online…

It is not often to see #1 best-selling author sharing
his secrets of making money online…

And most importantly, he is going to show you how
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On the page, he’ll explained to you why he is teaching
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If you decided to join for free, he will also provide a
software for you to jump start your training as fast as

Find out what this is all about:
Hope you like this free valuable training and software.

P.S. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time
and work to achieve.

If you follow the free training as being taught, you can start
to see your first $100 as fast as 2 weeks from now.

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Now That’s Convenient!

Fill in the blanks…

Without a Consistent Flow of Visitors to My Web Sites… My Online Business and Income Will ____ _____ ____ ?

What did you answer?

My online business and income will…
• Crash and burn
• Fail miserably fast
• Shrivel and Die
• All of the above…

Do a Google search on ‘web traffic’ and you’ll get over 14,600,000 results. Listen to the top marketers online these days and you’ll quickly discover they are all talking about a multitude of ways to get visitors to your site.

Website visitors are crucial to the success of any business.

No visitors = No signups
No signups = No sales
No Sales = No business.

You could have the best product and the lowest price anywhere and you will go broke fast if no one visits your website to see what you offer.

You know you need visitors to your sites in order to make sales, so the next question you should be asking is…

What kind of visitors?

What did you answer?

Visitors that signup
Visitors that take action
Visitors that buy
All of the above…

Obviously you want visitors that take action and buy your products and services. You need get visitors who want what you offer. You need targeted visitors. The kind of visitors we use in our own business and guess what, we are pretty fussy.

You should try to target your visitors by country and category every chance you can to get the best results, and we have a number of highly targeted services that will help you do that.

Services like Targeted Traffic, Alexa Traffic, Targeted Email Campaigns, Twitter Followers, FaceBook Friends, Sokule Trackers, Social Posting, Social Branding, 1 Click Submit, We Send You Visitors, Sokule Submit, Kule Submit Pro, KulePing, KulePing Done For You, Mailing Done For You, Onyalist, Steal My Traffic, Mobile Ads and Guaranteed Signups.

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Reach 100,000 plus active social media users each day