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Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

It is the purpose of this book to provide an informed understanding of Shiny Object Syndrome in all of its aspects. For the sake of providing a sense of comfort to the reader, we offer the underlying theme in this book: Shiny Object Syndrome is just an aspect of being human, it is just an aspect of how our mind works, all we need to do is to learn to be the boss of our own minds, rather than our minds being the boss over us. Shiny Object Syndrome is not about shiny objects, it is about the mind. Shiny Object Syndrome is an Addiction and requires acknowledgement and Recovery.

From the Author

I have been an alcoholic and a drug addict. But my worst addiction came to pass when in 2013 I became an Internet Marketing addict. I spent thousands on high priced marketing programs, but never actually did anything with them. I would get excited about the next SHINY OBJECT that was being offered and would dream about the riches that were promised.

I am fearful of my addiction and constantly relapse. Relapse can be fun and exciting and that is the problem. This book is meant to help you identify, determine and face your addiction to shiny objects.

It will help you understand and change. “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

If your bank account cannot afford any more shiny objects, you’ll find the encouragement you need to break your addiction in this book.

See what several happy readers had to say:

This is a book a lot of folks, particularly Americans, need to read. And then read again. As a nation we are obsessed with having more stuff, whether or not we actually need or use it. It is this mindset that fuels late night infomercials and MLM and empties bank accounts. SOS isn’t about your addiction to collecting shiny objects like the bird on the cover… unless you really do have an obsession for aluminum foil or cubic zirconia and then you need more help than this book. It is about addressing your need for instant gratification, and learning how to refocus your attention towards achieving your goals instead of constantly chasing after everything that flits past your eyes.

I found the topic to be addressed in a way that was easy to connect with. Clearly Colbert Jr. has been there done that and his advice on breaking the negative behavior comes from experience. I particularly appreciated the examples he included, which helped personalize the message a lot. The ideas and strategies presented to help break your SOS are easy to understand and put into practice, and I intend to use the information presented to help break a few of my own SOS habits.




Without the mind (healthy mind) the human body may become completely helpless! Therefore there is a demanding need for this astounding book, Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). It is the book for the perfect solution and insight on such an illness as this. Another book that strives to help and deliver humans from being mentally defected is certainly what this is all about. Learn to take or restore control to your mind. It’s yours! Care for it! Empower your mind!




I must admit, at first I was slightly confused as to what the book’s premise was about, based solely upon the title at first glance (I suppose I was judging a book by its cover AND title). I proceeded to read through the description and decided that it would be worth a gamble, and with that being said and having just finished the read – I can definitely say that I am more than happy that I chose to do so! The author provides some very good points about the “SOS” way of thinking that are expressed in a clear and concise manner, which I found to be not only informing, but also easy to understand at the same time.

The writing style is quite a unique one; this obviously isn’t the first book written about SOS, but I’m confident that it is one of the more educational and smoother-to-read ones out there due to the tone that overlaps the writing. I would personally say that this book may good for people that are very new to the concept of recognizing Shiny Object Syndrome, as I originally was. One of the main points that really ‘struck a chord’ with me is how the author mentioned spending too much time engaged in activities that lead the person astray from their original goal. This may seem like common sense to most people, but in actuality – we all partake in this negative behavior and sometimes it is hard to recognize when in the midst of doing so. The author provides some great examples of this that all made the book much more easier to understand in a practical and realistic setting for me, which I found to be a huge part of why I found the book to be so informing. In summary, I am more than satisfied with the read, and I will definitely be looking out for more related books by Eddie L. Colbert Jr. I highly recommend it!